KFI Radio's Tim Conway Jr. & Prodigious Brian Jenning's Photography!

Brian Jennings is a 51-year broadcast veteran, journalist, and landscape artist.

As a journalist, Jennings was honored with numerous national honors, including the Columbia DuPont Award -- sometimes referred to as the broadcasting Pulitzer prize! But now, his photography is garnering international recognition.

Brian loves photographing landscapes, and has a rich collection of landscape and country scenes from his extensive travels.

He uses Sony Mirrorless cameras which produce extraordinary resolution for fine arts prints...

Brian recently came out with a photo book full of his 100 top photos from the Outback of the Pacific Northwest... A seasonal journey through the outback of Oregon and Washington, with personal commentary from the author himself!

Brian Jennings will join the Tim Conway Jr. Show tonight at 8 PM! Make sure you're listening to KFI AM 640.

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