Rogue Herd of Elephants Reaches Chinese City of Kunming

Despite efforts to stop it, a herd of elephants that's been making its way toward Kunming has finally reached the Chinese city, according to authorities.

In fact, animal experts have been tracking the herd of 15 elephants since it left a nature preserve more than 300 miles away!

Fearing the pachyderms would reach the densely-populated city, experts on several occasions attempted to get them to stray off course by distracting the mammoth creatures with food -- however, the elephants continued their trek to the Yunnan capital, where they arrived on Thursday.

So far, frightened residents have reported nosy elephants sticking their snouts through windows, pushing doors open, and blocking roadways! Thankfully, no injuries or major damage has been reported.

However, people along the elephants' route weren't so lucky...

Animal expert Chen Mingyong says they caused about $952,302 in damage while they were en route to Kunming.

"Currently, the priority should be prevention and control around villages and townships to prevent them from entering the villages and hurting people," Zhang Li, a field wildlife biologist and professor on mammal conservation at Beijing Normal University, told the Global Times on Thursday.

Check out all of the details on BBC News.

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