A Man Will Attempt to Kayak from California to Hawaii

As people begin to travel more, one man is making his way to Hawaii by sea...and I don't mean he's on a cruise ship.

Cyril Derreumaux left Sausalito, California for Honolulu, Hawaii in a kayak.

He plans to take the entire 2,400-mile trip all by himself and says he expects to arrive at Waikiki Beach in about two months.

"Being alone, is just very different...I have to be self-aware all of the time, what's going on mentally, physically. The weather, the electronics, the boat evolution, seasickness, sleep deprivation, food nutrition, hydration. There's so much I have to think so I have to be self-aware at all times."

If you're interested in following along for the ride, check out his site HERE.

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