OC Supervisor Says June 15th Mask Mandate is 'Government Outreach'

California's state health director announced this week that the state would require people to keep wearing masks and practice social distancing until June 15th when the county is scheduled to fully reopen.

Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner says it's government outreach...how does waiting until June 15th help business prepare?

"No one's stopping you from wearing a mask. How prepared you need to be to let vaccinated people come into your establishment without a mask?"

Supervisor Katrina Foley says the county has better things to focus on than unnecessary political theater,

"We want to partner with our state and federal representatives. It's not the time to be poking the bear on silly stuff."

Foley says waiting a few more weeks will help the county get closer to herd immunity,

"That's no big deal, wear the mask when you're inside."

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