Tim Conway Jr. Talks with 'Friends' Theme Song Composer Michael Skloff

Most of the most popular TV shows of all time will have their reunion show on May 27th on HBO Max. As popular as the show was, everyone knows the theme song 'I;ll Be there for you' performed by The Rembrandts.

Meet the Composer behind 'I'll Be there for You' - Michael J. Skloff

  • Michael Skloff has a long and impressive career as a composer, arranger, music producer, music director and performer. He graduated with honors from Carnegie-Mellon University with a BFA in Music Composition and received his MFA Performer-Composer from California Institute of the Arts.
  • Skloff wrote the music for the writing team of Marta Kauffman and David Crane on several critically acclaimed and award winning stage musicals that are still produced worldwide, including the score to their adaptation of the hit movie “Arthur”. Currently, he’s in development on two new musicals. He serves as music consultant for Theatre Dybbuk, and has provided original scores for two of their productions. Skloff has conducted numerous musicals, as well as many solo musical acts including Jason Alexander, Jenifer Lewis, Bruce Vilanch, Jasmine Guy, and Danny Maseng.As a film composer, Skloff has worked for directors John Landis, Jason Gould, Michael Goldberg, Jason Alexander, and documentary filmmakers Roberta Grossman and Sophie Sartain. He co-produced and arranged Randy Newman’s original songs for Disney’s “James and the Giant Peach”, and served as a vocal coach/producer for many celebrated actors’ singing performances in animated features.
Skloff also arranged, performed, and co-wrote songs for a number of artists, often with Giorgio Bertuccelli through their Electric Monkey record label. As a television composer, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for his main title theme to HBO’s series “Dream On.”
He has written theme songs and scores for many TV shows, most notably for the NBC smash “Friends.” His song, “I’ll Be There For You”, with lyrics by Allee Willis, garnered an Emmy nomination and was the #1 Song in Billboard Magazine on both the Pop and Adult Contemporary charts, holding that position for ten weeks.
Currently, Skloff is co-composing the score to Netflix’s long-running comedy “Grace and Frankie” with his son, Sam KS.

Skloff also composes and performs liturgical music. His original setting of the Hebrew prayer, K’dusha is sung in Jewish congregations throughout North America.Skloff serves on the boards of numerous organizations including Big Sunday, The Harmony Project, Theatre Dybbuk, and CalArts.

Instagram: @mjskloff


Photo Credit: Michael Skloff

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