Arizona Man Beats Death After His Wheelchair Falls Into A Canal

Authorities say a disabled Arizona man is lucky to be alive after his wheelchair tipped over and dumped him into a canal.

This incident occurred last week around 2 a.m. when the man, a paraplegic, encountered uneven ground that caused his wheelchair to fall on its side and fall into the waterway, says Phoenix Police Department rep Mercedes Fortune. He was immediately swept up by the moving water and carried downstream, where he became stuck at a metal gate, Fortune says.

Fortunately, bystanders were able to flag down two police officers, who they said were able to lasso the victim and -- with the help of passersby -- hoisted the unidentified man to safety!

"Officer [Jacob] Garcia tied the rope around his torso," says Officer Justin Hopkins. "I repositioned myself and grabbed a hold of his legs. And we were able to lift him out, luckily with no injuries and no problems. That rope saved that man’s life."

Read the full report on FOX News.

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