LAPD Chief Says Officer's Arrest In Inglewood Was Allegedly Alcohol-Related

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Chief Michel Moore told the Police Commission today that an off-duty LAPD officer arrested in Inglewood on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and making criminal threats is suspected of being under the influence at the time and had earlier off-duty incidents involving excessive use of alcohol.

“Being a police officer is an absolute privilege and comes with tremendous responsibilities, and the actions as reported here involving this probationary police officer have no place by a member of this organization,” Moore said during Tuesday's Police Commission meeting.

Nicolas Enmanuel QuintanillaBorja, 29, was arrested at his home in the 3500 block of West 116th Street about 5:40 a.m. Friday, Moore said.

QuintanillaBorja was apparently involved in a dispute with a person at the location because he was going to be potentially evicted, and he allegedly pointed a firearm at the individual, the chief said.

Inglewood police officers responded to the scene and arrested QuintanillaBorja, who remains in custody on $2 million bail. The Los Angeles Police Department dispatched internal affairs investigators to support Inglewood officers in their investigation.

Moore said he removed peace officer power from QuintanillaBorja and assigned him to home during the investigation.

“The officer was allegedly under the influence at the time, significantly, and that impairment, in my view at this early stage, apparently contributed to this event,” the chief said. “We take this matter very seriously and we will not tolerate this type of misconduct in this organization in any manner.”

Moore said the LAPD will also look into its hiring practices and how the department missed earlier allegations of misconduct off-duty and excessive uses of alcohol involving QuintanillaBorja.

“This incident did involve allegations of excessive use of alcohol and not on a single event, but earlier accounts attributed to this officer's conduct off duty,” Moore said. “This (investigation) will involve us looking at all of that to see how did we miss it.”

QuintanillaBorja was hired by the LAPD in January 2020 and was assigned to the 77th Street Division.

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