Transient Who Attacked LAPD Off-Duty Was Arrested Over And Over

The homeless scumbag who last week got into a shoot-out with an off-duty LAPD cop in the valley was arrested and released a bunch of times for multiple assaults.

Then he stupidly chose to steal the cop's loaded gun and shoot him. This LAPD cop is still being hospitalized.

The great Eric Leonard former KFI News All-Star and current I-Team reporter with NBC4 broke this story last night.

Eric told John & Ken that the suspect Christopher Camarena may have been put back on the streets due to COVID inmate releases.

From the LA Times:

In a statement, Glendale Police Sgt. Christian Hauptmann described Camarena as a “transient” who was found carrying screwdrivers, bolt cutters and “other tools” when officers responded Feb. 5 to reports of a suspicious person near a business in the 1600 block of Victory Boulevard. The hinge of a nearby padlocked shed had been partially pried off, Hauptmann said.
“Camarena did not admit to breaking into the shed, but stated he found it open and decided to rummage through what was inside the shed and was planning on taking whatever items he wanted. Camarena was arrested and booked for burglary and possession of burglary tools,” the statement read.
Jail records show Camarena was released the same day. Hauptmann blamed his immediate release on L.A. County’s adoption of an emergency bail schedule meant to keep jail populations down during the COVID-19 epidemic, but also noted Glendale police had yet to present a case against the 24-year-old to the district attorney’s office. Hauptmann said Glendale detectives would do so Wednesday.
Ten days after the Glendale incident, Camarena was arrested again by deputies from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s Temple station. The nature of his arrest was not immediately clear.


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