Rangers Find Woman's Remains in 2 Bears' Stomachs

The worst fears of Colorado park rangers came to fruition late Sunday when they examined the stomach contents of a black bear and one of her cubs. In them, they found the remains of a 39-year-old woman who went missing Friday.

  • The 39-year woman took her dogs for a walk on Friday, but the dogs returned without her, her boyfriend says. Searchers found her partially-eaten body on a trail in Trimble, not far from Durango, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Three bears – an adult and two cubs – were found nearby.
  • CPW Director Dan Prenzlow says although two of the bears were euthanized, one of the cubs was spared because no remains were found in its stomach. “Euthanizing wildlife is never an action our officers take lightly, but we have an obligation to prevent additional avoidable harm,” he says.
  • Does this mean there's a shortage of the food bears usually eat?

Photo Credit: Getty Images