San Diego Sheltered Migrant Girls Testing Covid Positive

Truly sad. Joe Biden and company still refuse to take responsibility for this situation which is getting worse by the day.

We got word today from San Diego Supervisor Jim Desmond that dozens of migrant girls are testing positive for covid while being housed in the SD Convention Center. On top of this, the migrants are now in this facility which used to house San Diego homeless.

From CBS8 in San Diego:

At least 27 of the girls, who were transferred to California from a Border Patrol facility in Texas this weekend, tested positive for the virus. HHS Acting Regional Director Bonnie Preston said the cases stem from the Texas facility.
Another six girls tested positive after taking rapid tests while at the convention center. None of the cases are serious, according to the HHS, and all are symptomatic at this time. 
None of the 33 had been hospitalized as of Monday. All were being treated and housed on a different floor of the convention center separate from the main area where the rest of the girls are staying.
About 500 girls are at the San Diego Convention Center, which opened Saturday night as a temporary shelter for unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the United States. The facility will operate as a “way station” where the children will stay until social workers can connect them with relatives or sponsors in the United States.

Supervisor Jim Desmond also told us that San Diego TEACHERS are being assembled for in-person learning for the migrants. This while San Diego teachers are still not in classrooms for all of the legal kids....

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