CPR Saves Life Of Crash Victim (And There's a Heck Of A Kicker)!

Torri’ell Norwood was driving with some friends when another car T-boned them. The crash was so violent that Norwood’s car was launched across a lawn and into a tree.

Amazingly, Norwood and two of her passengers were uninjured and able to get out of the car.

Unfortunately, the third passenger, A’zarria Simmons, was still in the car. She had hit her head on a rear passenger window. After pulling Simmons from the car, Norwood checked her vital signs. There was no pulse. So Norwood started CPR.

After 30 compressions and two rescue breaths, Simmons regained consciousness. By then, the paramedics had arrived and took Simmons to the hospital. She’s going to be ok.

Norwood learned CPR through her High School’s Athletic Lifestyle Management Academy. Erika Miller, who taught the course, was particularly impressed since Norwood had taken the class THE DAY BEFORE THE ACCIDENT.

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