Woman Saves Life Of Local Hockey Coach With VERY Generous Donation!

Graham Nesbitt managed the local skating arena in Seaforth, Ontario, for years. The rink was a valuable resource for local kids and Nesbitt always went the extra mile (or kilometer). He would open early and stay late, in any weather, even massive snowstorms.

One parent who never forgot Nesbitt’s generosity is Bonnie O’Reilly. Her two sons, Ryan and Cal, skated under Nesbitt’s mentorship.

So when he needed a kidney donation, the whole community stepped in to help and dozens of them lined up to be tested as potential donor matches. One of the people who matched was Bonnie O’Reilly.

Now, Nesbitt’s life has been saved and Bonnie O’Reilly has found a way to express her gratitude to Nesbitt—who must know something about coaching young hockey players. Both of O’Reilly’s sons went on to play in the NHL. In fact Ryan O’Reilly is currently the Captain of the St. Louis Blues.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

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