CA Says Only One Parent Can Attend Youth Games

Soccer father sports chaperone

This week, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in their infinite wisdom tried to sneak this dopey recommendation on us:

Observers for youth sports (age 18 years and under) are limited to immediate household members who may observe practices and games as needed for age-appropriate supervision. No other observers, including scouts and college recruiters, are allowed.
Age-appropriate supervision should be limited to a single adult (or immediate family member older than the sport participant).

What a bunch of dumb clucks....

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham from San Luis Obispo called in to John & Ken to talk about this nonsense. Here are his initial thoughts:

“CDPH’s new guidance on youth sports’ spectators is incredibly dumb. Entire families are now allowed to dine inside restaurants, check out indoor museums, and visit wineries and breweries. Soon, they will even be able to watch their favorite professional sports teams play in person. But, they won’t be able to go see their child compete in an outdoor youth sporting event ?"

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