Doctors Who Posted Organ Pics on IG as Part of a Game Under Investigation

A group of doctors who posted several pictures on Instagram, showing them holding organs and tissue that had been surgically removed from patients as part of a so-called "Price is Right" game, are under investigation by a large-scale health care network in Grand Rapids Michigan.

According to Law and Crime the group used the Instagram handle @grandrapids_obgyn_residency to post pictures of a doctor posing with a length of fibrous tissue in his hand, that appeared to include an identifiable photo of a patient from whom the tissue was removed. They then asked users to guess how much the organ weighed.

"The other game we play in the operating room is guess that weight. It applies to much more than just babies. As always, Price is Right rules apply so if you go over then you're out." the post read

After learning about the online posts an NBC affiliate messaged the doctors group with a series of questions including "Do you think the patient would appreciate you posting this?" and "Did she agree for her body to be displayed on social media as a part of your game?"

They did not receive a response from the group and the account was deactivated. The doctor involved could face losing their license.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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