LAUSD Parents Not Happy With School Deal

LAUSD parents got news that a "deal" has been reached between the district and the corrupt UTLA(United Teachers of LA) that puts in place a "plan" to put teachers back to work.

Notice how we are talking about "the teachers" and not the kids????

UTLA put out this nonsense after the deal had been reached:

We are proud to announce that LAUSD has agreed to all three safety criteria voted by an overwhelming majority of UTLA members (91% yes) as the necessary conditions for a safe return to in-person teaching and learning. These elements are:
Full vaccination for school staff. All educators and staff have been prioritized for vaccinations.
Returning only when LA County is out of the purple tier. Los Angeles County is moving into the red tier, but will remain vigilant as we monitor community transmission rates.
Enforceable safety conditions and protocols at every school, including PPE, physical distancing, improved ventilation, and daily cleaning.
“With all of our key safety protocols met, this agreement reflects a uniform health and safety plan that we can be proud of as educators and that puts us on the path for a safe return, across LAUSD and in all of our schools,” UTLA President Cecily-Myart Cruz says.

LAUSD Parents are not happy about this deal. Ross Novie with the group LA School Uprising say the deal does not work for parents as too many conditions still need to be met to satisfy UTLA's demands before re-opening. They want schools open NOW !

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