UTLA Demands To Know Outspoken Parent's Race

The goons at UTLA (United Teachers of LA) have sunk to a whole new low to keep their teachers out of the classrooms.

Dr. Maryam Qudrat, professor at Cal State Long Beach and an LAUSD parent has been outspoken about getting kids back into schools ASAP.

UTLA goons demanded to know her race, ethnicity and class status after she gave media interviews criticizing UTLA for refusing to reopen schools.

Dr. Quadrat was sent an email from a UTLA "researcher". She told Fox 11's Bill Melugin:

"I felt very targeted," Qudrat said. "I think that they are very clearly case building, they are trying to collect data on folks like me who have been quoted in the LA Times, and they’re trying to say that if you are in favor the kids coming back to school, you’re racist."

John & Ken talked to Dr. Maryam Quadrat about UTLA's despicable stunt and how she feels the union wants a fight between White and Middle-Eastern parents versus Black and Hispanic parents. The problem isn't the LAUSD parents and maybe not UTLA since we all know how dishonest they are.

Maybe LAUSD teachers are the problem.

Maybe LAUSD teachers should finally stand up to their corrupt and evil union if they are honestly concerned about their students and get back to their classrooms ASAP.

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