Gary and Shannon's 2021 Baby Animal Bracket is Now Live!

Welcome to the 2021 Baby Animal Bracket presented by Gary and Shannon! Forget about all those other brackets people are talking about, THIS is the hottest thing in sports right now. Millions of fans are gathered together once again to watch you help choose the cutest baby animal in the world!

But the excitement is just getting started. 2019's winner, the Baby Skunk, retired last year, which has left a wide-open field for any animal that thinks they can muster up a decent set of Disney eyes. The Baby Tapir, who came oh-so-close in 2019, is back to try his luck again, but he'll have to get past some of our newest contenders - including the Baby Slow Loris and the Baby American Bittern! Who will win? It's anyone's guess!

From now until Monday, March 8th, you can fill out your bracket here. Voting begins at 10 a.m. on Monday, so get your due diligence in now! The person who has the most picks correct by the end of this month will win a Gary and Shannon T-shirt (that is, one with a logo of the show on it. Not Gary or Shannon's actual t-shirt. That would be weird).

Fill out your brackets here.

In the meantime, check out our list of competitors this year. You won't find a better collection of cute baby animals anywhere else!

Sea Division

Baby Sea Turtle
Baby Ducklings
Baby Pufferfish
Baby Octopus
Baby Walrus
Baby Otter
Baby Seal
Baby Hippo

Air Division

Baby Owl
Baby Robin
Baby Hawk
Baby Frogmouth Chick
Baby Gosling
Baby Crane
Baby Bittern
Baby Hummingbird

Land Division

Baby Lamb
Baby Pig
Baby Fox
Baby Elephant
Baby Crocodile
Baby Panda
Baby Deer
Baby Slow Loris

Wildcard Division

Baby Sloth
Baby Dik Dik
Baby Albino Koala
Baby Tapir
Baby Chinchilla
Baby Ant Eater
Baby Penguin
Baby Chameleon

Photos: Getty Images

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