One-of-a-Kind Art Piece Features 39 Different Painters

I recently had the chance to stop by the studio of Nadine Judge, which is tucked away inside a classic old building in downtown LA. She wanted to show me one of her proudest creations, which happened on a fluke. This was laying on her floor in the center of her studio – it practically filled up her floor space.

Nadine titled the piece, 'TOGETHER WE PAINTED ALONE’, a 12’ x 9’acrylic on canvas.

This is how she explains it: Isolated from their normal lives and sheltering in place from the pandemic, thirty-nine people from all walks of life, from frontline heroes to business owners, helped create a work of art truly of our time.

Enlisted by artist Nadine Judge, each artist worked in isolation from across North America. Using ‘paint by numbers’ kits, they were inspired by the opportunity to be part of something bigger: to create an original work that reflects a period of profound emotion.

The resulting piece symbolizes the diversity of the shared human experience of separation, uncertainty, gratitude, loneliness, fear, sorrow, and hope.

Nadine says she sees this hanging in the lobby of a hotel or inside a hospital lobby. She says it’s not only a colorful way to brighten up an entrance, but the backstory makes the piece unique and compelling. The high bidder will get a synopsis of the project and a list of all 39 participants.

A cool addition is the Kobe Bryant portrait which is an authorized poster design from famous street artist Shepard Fairey. The piece you see on the canvas was painted by a respiratory therapist. Fairey was so impressed he autographed it – you can actually see it up close.

This piece is up for auction and the proceeds benefit CASA for Children Los Angeles. A very worthy cause which helps train and place advocates with children navigating the foster care and welfare systems.

If you’re interested in placing a bid contact:

Marie Carpenter

Director of Development

CASA of Los Angeles

O: 323.859.2888 Ext.6328


You can hear the feature from Wake Up Call here:

Photos courtesy of CASA and Jacob Gonzalez.

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