Brian Regan Netflix Special 'On the Rocks'

Brian Regan is distinguished as one of the most premier comedians in the country and he's going to be on the Tim Conway Jr. show tomorrow night!

Brian Regan fills theaters nationwide with passionate fans that span generations. He is a great balance of sophistication and light-hearted humor that can relate to millions. He's going on tour and he has a special on Netflix currently.

On Netflix his special Brian Regan on the Rocks, he "tackle the big issues weighing on him, including aging, time, obsessive behavior, backpacks on airplanes, ungrateful horses and raisins"

Check out his Netflix special:

If you want tour dates check out his website

Make you tune into the Tim Conway Jr Show tomorrow night at 8pm PT! You could bet your last dollar it'll most certainly be hilarious!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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