People Against COVID-19 Vaccine Protest at Dodger Stadium  

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Dozens of people who were not wearing masks protested the COVID-19 vaccine at the entrance to Dodger Stadium as people in cars steadily drove through to keep appointments.  

Signs reading “929 Deaths After Vaccination in the USA,'' and “This Is Not a Normal Vaccine,'' are shown in the video posted on Twitter by Cal State Northridge student journalist Emily Holshouser at 2 p.m. Saturday.  

Video also showed counter-demonstrators arguing with the anti-vaccine protesters about not wearing masks. One anti-vaccine protester on a megaphone countered “Masks mean nothing. A mask does not stop transmission of a virus. Our grandparents would have thought of that centuries ago.''  

Los Angeles Police Department officers could be seen on video observing the protesters, keeping them from interfering with vaccine patients and trying to keep the two groups of demonstrators apart.  

The demonstration did not keep people from getting vaccinated and no arrests were reported, said LAPD Officer Rosario Cervantes of the department's Media Relations Section.  

A similar protest last month at the Dodger Stadium super vaccination site led to a temporary shutdown after demonstrators blocked the entrance, delaying people who were in line waiting to get their shots.  

Los Angeles police later set aside designated protest zone and Chief Michel Moore warned those who interfere with people receiving their vaccines may be arrested or cited.  Police estimated 20 to 30 people participated in Saturday's protest.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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