UCSF's Dr. Monica Gandhi: "Stop Panicking Over Covid Variants"

Yes, we all know them. They are the Covid-19 "scared to live" crowd.

For various reasons, some people are using Covid-19 to stay-in and withdrawal from daily living. Sure, some people are at risk for severe harm if they contract Covid-19 because of obesity, heart conditions and unhealthy living choices. And yes, Covid-19 is very deadly and has taken the lives of very healthy people too.

But the time as come to face the fact that Covid-19 ain't going away regardless of vaccines.

Meet Dr. Monica Gandhi, professor of medicine and infectious diseases physician at UCSF

SF Gate had a fascinating piece with Dr. Gandhi that you must read if you believe we must learn how to live with this pandemic:

SFGATE: You are one of the few "harm reductionists" in public health. Can you describe the difference between the “harm reductionists" and the “lockdownists,” as you've referred to them in the past?
Gandhi: I would say that harm reductionists like myself believe we can’t completely keep people away from each other, and that using really extreme language like "stay-at-home order," or "see no one else" does not take into account human nature, loneliness and the economic reality that a lot of people need to go to work to survive.
I've long been concerned that the public health messages are only tailored to people who can work from home, people who work in tech and people with intact families and no need to see other people. Harm reductionists believe we should be giving messages that acknowledge some people will need to take some risks regarding COVID-19, and we should try to tell them how to keep safe in situations when in they're in public or seeing others.

BINGO ! John and Ken had an incredible interview with Dr. Monica Gandhi that you must hear as we try to figure out how to adjust our lives while living in a pandemic.

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