8-Year-Old Sends Stern Letter Telling NPR to Broadcast Dinosaur Stories

8-year-old, Leo Shidla is not happy with NPR and decided to give them a piece of his mind.

According to Huffington Post NPR received a stern letter of criticism from the unlikely source this month. Kyle Shiely, a producer for local NPR station Minnesota Public Radio reveled Leo's grievances. Shiely tweeted the email sent by Leo, and it went viral, racking up thousands of comments and retweets. A day later Leo's mother revealed that she encouraged her 8-year-old to send the email to the station to express his "ongoing complaint" and was charmed that it had entertained so many. Included in Leo's email was;

"I never hear much about nature or dinosaurs or things like that. Maybe you should call your show Newsy Things Considered, since I don't get to hear all the things. Please talk about more dinosaurs and cool things."

Realizing that the words of an 8-year-old craving more dinosaur content are perhaps the most valid criticism a media company can get. NPR invited Leo to ask San Diego Natural History Museum research associate Ashley Poust a number of questions about dinosaurs. The Q&A between Leo and Poust served to delight the internet further, attracting attention, from not only a former secretary of state but also from the Jurassic World social media account itself. I think Leo is happy now!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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