Barbara Ferrer Responds To Health Inspector's 'Dance' At Bravery Brewing

You may have heard the story KFI News' Steve Gregory brought to us last week, where an L.A. County Health Inspector went to a local Lancaster Brewery, Bravery Brewing and told them that they needed to 'immediately' shut down because they were not following covid rules and then, seeminly did a little dance.

The brewery was selling beer to-go on Super Bowl Sunday. The inspector arrived and told an employee, in front of customers, that they had to have a food truck in order to sell beer and because they didn't, they needed to 'shut down immediately'. As the employee on site went to contact owners, the inspector can be seen 'dancing' while waiting for the employee to return.

It turns out the inspector was incorrect, and was eventually informed by her supervisor that the brewery COULD sell beer that day without a food truck being on site.

After this video was released, more stories of inspectors intimidating, bullying and harassing restaurants started to surface and the concern is that some of these inspectors are not up on the latest rules regarding what these businesses can and can not do.

Steve talked to L.A. County Health Director Barbara Ferrer about the incident....check out what she had to say.

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