@DarkSecretPlace - Man Charged for Hiring Someone to Kill Ex-Wife, Brother

According to a felony complaint filed with the LA County District Attorney's Office, 57 year-old Khosrow Arman Gharib conspired to hire a hitman to horribly injure his ex-wife, and, if possible, her brother.

The complaint, filed in late January, by Gharib's ex-wife Bahar Danesh, claims that Gharib offered to pay $15k to a hitman to break multiple bones in her body, in order to debilitate her, so that, "she'll be out for a few years... will never be able to recover," or $20k if the hitman killed her. The statement from Danesh's attorney also claimed that, if Danesh's brother was around, the hitman, "...could take care of both," for another $20k.

On Super Hyper Local Sunday on KFI AM640, Bryan Suits discussed the story, focusing on how they are approaching this as "solicitation to commit assault."

The next court hearing is set for March 4.

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