KFI Exclusive: Possible violations of employee conduct in Hilda Solis' camp

KFI's Steve Gregory has been provided posts from the Twitter account of Esther Lim, the Justice Deputy for LA County Supervisor and Board Chair, Hilda Solis. They were provided by a source within LA County Government. They outline possible violations of employee conduct and standards as noted in the LA County Employee Manual - excerpts below. Take a listen to Steve break it down with Gary and Shannon.

KFI News has reached out to Solis' press secretary for comment. 

From the Employee manual:

Political Activity Section C-8

Just because you’re a County employee does not mean that you give up your right to participate in the political process. But, because you are a County employee,

you have a responsibility to limit your political activities in these ways:

  • Keep your political activity separate from your job and away from your workplace.
  • Do not publish or say anything that implies County endorsement of any political candidate.
  • Do not engage in political activity or solicit for funds during work hours, on County property, or while wearing a County uniform. Generally speaking, just exercise good judgment. If you have a question, check with your supervisor.

Ethical and Moral Standards Section C-6

Integrity and accountability are key values in the County philosophy. Like responsiveness and professionalism, they are work behaviors needed to earn and maintain the public trust. Because we are in positions where public trust is granted, the public and our managers expect that they will be able to depend on what we say and do. They expect honesty and integrity from us at all times. You will have access to information about individuals and companies that you must not pass on to others or use for personal gain. Just as you are not allowed to accept special favors from the public because of your job with the County, you are also not allowed to do special favors for people, such as moving your friends to the front of the line We are expected to deal with the public and each other honestly and to conduct ourselves with integrity. You will have access to equipment, supplies and, in some cases, money. The rule is simple, we are accountable for what we do – we do not engage in any behavior that would compromise the County, or be an embarrassment to the County. Whether we are at a work site, in uniform at any location or driving a County vehicle, we are expected to conduct ourselves so that we do not create even an impression that we are being unethical or unfair.


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