Dairy Farmers Predict We'll Eat 20 MILLION POUNDS Of Cheese This Weekend!

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here -- which means football fans will soon be doing some super snacking. In fact, Gary said he's not eating ALL WEEKEND, just so he can enjoy his super snacking during the game!

And as it turns out, he's not alone...

Americans will devour more than 20 million pounds of cheese during the big game, according to Dairy Famers of Wisconsin. That translates into nearly TWO. MILLION. CHEESE. WHEELS. (That's almost enough to fill every single NFL field in the country!!!)

Sounds like heaven to me...

"Many of our state’s cheese makers have added extra shifts and secured extra space to accommodate all the orders – not to mention adapt their businesses to accommodate the sudden jump in online cheese orders from consumers across the country," Kirk Scott, senior vice president of dairy company communications for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, said in a statement.

Fun fact: Even the pandemic can't slow down America's cheese obsession - sales went up 13% in 2020!

Check out all of the cheesy details (sorry, I had to...) on the Wisconsin State Farmer.

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