Legal Expert Argue That Colleges Can Require Vaccinations for Admission

According to some experts, colleges and universities may have legal grounds to require students to get vaccinated before they’re allowed on back on campus.

Both Attorney Renee Mattei Myers and Dr. Howard Forman, director of Yale University’s MD/MBA program, say that schools are already allowed to turn away students who haven’t been vaccinated against other diseases to protect them and faculty, so the COVID vaccine would be no different.

In a CNBC interview, Myers went into detail, saying:

“Under everything that we’ve seen, and the guidance from agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Education, it’s been stated that just like how colleges can require other vaccines like meningitis and measles and hepatitis for incoming students, that they could require this vaccine as well.
I think the best thing you could do is have the vaccine available and pay for it. Make it as easy as possible for these individuals and students to get vaccinated.”

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