A New Vegas Resort (With No Gambling... Or Smoking...) Is Coming Soon

There's a new resort coming to Las Vegas! But don't get too excited...

Because it's a resort that WON'T ALLOW GAMBLING OR SMOKING!!!

"The visionary world-class, non-gaming, non-smoking luxury resort that Las Vegas has been waiting for," the website states...

It's called Majestic Las Vegas, and it's all going down across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center. Construction on the luxury (boring) resort is set to start this summer.

Majestic's developer Lorenzo Doumani said, "It's time for Las Vegas to provide a luxury option for those who visit our city who want something that is non-gaming."

Yeah, y'all have fun with that...

The $850 million resort will include a five-star hotel with 720 suites, six restaurants, a spa, courtyard, and an outdoor pool overlooking the Strip with 50 cabanas.

Check out all of the details on Travel+Leisure.

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