Meet The Pilot Leading The Super Bowl Flyover!

Captain Sarah Kociuba is already an accomplished military pilot, and she's about to add another line to her resume - Super Bowl pilot!

Kociuba - a veteran of over 90 combat missions - has officially been tapped as the lead pilot for Sunday's Super Bowl flyover, piloting a B-2 Spirit flanked by a B-1B Lancer and a B-52 Stratofortress.

"We’ve been working for weeks making this plan very precise, so that we can execute it," she said. "So we’ll all brief together, and plan together, and make this rejoin happen."
"We will rejoin very low altitude, very high speed and very close together in this whiskey area, and then we’ll work our timing, and then do the flyover," she said.

But while football fans will only see the planes for a few seconds, Kociuba says the full flight will actually last for nearly eight hours... Which means she won't even get to see the game!

"I’m not going to get to watch the game, so I hope there’s no spoilers before I land," she added. "I’m going to have to watch it afterwards!"

Check out more details on FOX 13 News.

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