Local Doctor Has Figured Out How To Distribute Vaccines Equitably

It's no secret that Southern California has Covid vaccine distribution problems, and when we do distribute the vaccine, it's not being distributed equitably.

Dr. Jerry Abraham is an epidemiologist and the director of the vaccination site at Kedren Community Health Center in South L.A.

Like other vaccine sites, they're always overwhelmed, but what frustrates him the most are the people who camp out, who are mostly younger, more affluent white people who literally camp out overnight waiting to get leftover doses of the vaccine.

Why would they give the leftover vaccines to them versus giving them to the elderly, health care workers and low-income residents in the community that desperately need them? Just because they camped out and waited?

While local officials have finally acknowledged that there is inequity in vaccine distribution and say they're going to fix it, Dr. Abraham and his team haven't waited. They jumped into action and within weeks came up with their own workarounds to ensure that the people who NEED the vaccine the most, get it.

Dr. Abraham joined Gary & Shannon today to talk about it.

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