LeBron James Heckled By Hawks Fan, 'Courtside Karen' Gets Involved

The game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Los Angeles Lakers was stopped briefly last night after LeBron James confronted some Hawks fans who were heckling him.

LeBron says the incident was really no big deal, that it was "a back-and-forth between two grown men" when someone else he described as a 'Courtside Karen' jumped into it.

Here's a little of the incident:

Security got involved, and several of the hecklers were escorted out.

The Hawks are one of only nine teams allowing fans at games, and LeBron says he's happy about that because the players need that interaction...he didn't even think that the hecklers should have been kicked out!

'Courtside Karen' was NOT happy and she made that known. She has been identified as Juliana Carlos, the wife of Chris Carlos, the son of family-owned Republic National Distributing Company's former chairman and CEO Michael Carlos.

Here's what LeBron had to say after the game:

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