Anti-Vax Protesters May Get Free-Speech Area to Stop Another Site Shutdown

Anti-vaccine protesters disrupted one of the largest distribution centers in the U.S. over the weekend prompting authorities to consider designating areas for those intent on asserting their 1st Amendment rights.

For about an hour on Saturday, 40 to 60 demonstrators holding signs and shouting claims about the dangers of the vaccine, appeared on Stadium Way, the road leading to Dodger Stadium.

Despite the main entrance being blocked, workers continued to administer the vaccine inside the stadium. The vaccination site typically distributes between 5,700 and 7,700 daily doses. On Saturday, despite the brief closure, the site administered roughly 5,740 doses.

In an effort to prevent future disruptions, L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis said public safety officials are prepared to set up a space for demonstrators to share their viewpoints without disrupting the traffic flow. Solis added “I understand people have 1st Amendment rights...But when you become disruptive and actually create more problems through congestion, traffic jams or hostility in a manner that is not conducive, then I would want to have our public safety officials involved and to be there to protect all that are involved.

Los Angeles Fire Department Assistant Chief Ellsworth Fortman, who supervises the department’s COVID-19 response efforts said there were no arrests or injuries reported after Saturday’s demonstration.

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