L.A. Mortician Says Things Are Bad For Her Industry...Really, Really Bad

A Los Angeles mortician is sounding the alarm about Covid's impacts on the funeral industry.

Caitlin Doughty said in a recent video for her 'Ask A Mortician' channel on YouTube, that funeral homes like hers were originally faring well with providing services to victims that died of Covid, but then, winter happened.

Now, she says they are "overwhelmed" with bodies and having to tell families that they will have to wait weeks, even MONTHS to bury their loved ones. She says the low-income and minority communities have been hit especially hard. She describes the situation as a 'mass casualty disaster' and a 'humanitarian battle' unlike anything she's ever seen in all her years in the industry. And it's been made worse because local officials are making NO effort to help funeral homes.

She joined Gary & Shannon today to talk about it, listen to that interview below.

Caitlin says one way you can help is to contact your local government representatives to express your displeasure at the lack of government aid for funeral homes, death care workers, and grieving families in Los Angeles. Here are some of the ways you can find your local representatives' contact info:

CLICK HERE for elected officials in L.A. County.

CLICK HERE for U.S. Congressional Representatives for L.A. County

Check out Caitlin's website HERE.

Follow 'Ask A Mortician' on YouTube and follow Caitlin Doughty on Instagram @thegooddeath

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