MB Police Announce Increased Enforcement on Riders of Electric Bicycles

MANHATTAN BEACH (CNS) - Manhattan Beach police will begin an increased enforcement effort today targeting traffic violations by people riding electric bicycles.  

“Over the last several months, electric bikes -- e-bikes -- have become very popular throughout the South Bay and Manhattan Beach,'' police Sgt. Tim Zins said in a statement. “With the popularity of these e-bikes, we have had some safety concerns and violations of the law.''  

Police have received complaints about children and adults not wearing helmets, along with collisions between pedestrians and e-bike riders, Zins said.  

“During these difficult times, we encourage our residents to get out and exercise safely,'' Zins said. “You can help in this endeavor by educating yourselves and your children on the laws of electric bicycles in California as well as the related Manhattan Beach Municipal Codes.''  

Beginning Saturday, police will start strictly enforcing local and state laws that apply to electric bicycles.  

These efforts will include targeting those riding without a helmet, riding on sidewalks, failing to stop at posted stop signs, and riding on The Strand or the bike path.  

“As a reminder, only pedestrians are allowed on The Strand and only bicycles propelled by human power are allowed on the bike path,'' Zins said.  

More information is available at www.citymb.info and www.PeopleForBikes.org.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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