Fugitive Attempted to Finance Freedom through GoFundMe

A Florida man charged with committing sex crimes and trying to fund his getaway via crowd funding is being sought after violating the conditions of his release.

Twenty-nine year-old Keith Morris Smith was arrested in December 2019 on numerous charges including committing a sex crime on a person aged 12 to 16. Smith bonded out of the Clay County Jail, cut off his ankle monitor and took to the internet to raise money to help fund his flight from justice.

The fugitive started a GoFundMe fundraiser under the Dreams, Hopes & Wishes category of the crowdfunding website. The purpose of the donation goal - set at $2,000 - was described as “Trying to be free.” Smith wrote “I’m fundraising to basically live. I was on bond that was revoked over something I never did. Now I’m on the run.”

After three days online, and raising $0.00, the fundraising campaign was removed from the website either by GoFundMe or Smith himself.

Clay County police continue to actively look for Smith.

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