@DarkSecretPlace - Loss of Tech Giants, Small Business Destroying CA

On KFI AM640's Super Hyper Local Sundays, Bryan Suits noticed an Op-Ed in the Santa Barbara News-Press calling for the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Suits frequently mentions his dread of what kind of economy will be left in California, once the dust of the pandemic settles. Much of Suits' fears regarding the failure of small businesses, and the subsequent impact on workers, were echoed on the piece.

This fear was compounded when Suits noticed an article from the San Francisco Chronicle lamenting the departure of Silicon Valley tech giants, and billionaires leaving the state for other parts of the country. The loss of tax income from both will have a huge impact on the state's economy.

Suits is not optimistic about the government taking the necessary steps to avoid having the average tax payer pick up the tab.

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