Pizza Fresh from the Oven to...the Kitchen Sink?

Apparently one pizza lover was so ready to dive in, he was unwilling to wait for it to cool off. Instead, he ran it under a faucet of cold water.

That’s one way to do it.

The man’s wife grabbed her phone, recorded his unorthodox habit of speed-cooling the pie, and posted the video on Reddit’s Unpopular Opinions board. The woman added “Not my opinion, but my husband’s. In college, my husband and I would make oven pizzas and he would run his slices under the water fountain to cool it down faster. He says it didn’t change the taste and was still good.”

The video was also shared to Imgur which then found its way to Twitter.

And fans of the deep dish responded; some with aggression.

One comment read “Get out of the house now, your husband is a serial killer.” Another advised “Not all marriages are worth saving.”

Another poster asked “Why have a crisp delicious pizza when you can have a soggy disgusting one.”

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