Democrats Receive Backlash For Calling Gov. Newsom Recall Effort a "Coup"

The Democratic Party of California is receiving backlash for referring to the campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom as a "coup" almost a week after the violent Pro-Trump riot at the U.S. Capital.

Rusty Hicks, chairman of the California Democratic Party, and other Democratic leaders described in a press release as the "Defending Against the California Coup Coalition" alleged in a Zoom meeting with reporters that there are ties between the backers of the recall effort and those that overtook the capital on Jan 6th.

According to LA Times, Hicks said

"This recall effort, which really ought to be called the California coup, is being led by right wing conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and anti-vaxxers in groups who encourage violence on our democratic institutions. Today were here to say enough is enough!"

There was no evidence provided to back up the claims they made. Newsom's spokesmen did not respond to the request for comment about the California Democratic party calling the recall effort a coup.

Although it's common to paint your opponents as extremist it is extremely irresponsible to call a legal process prescribed by the Constitution and Statue a "coup," Rob Stutzmen, a Republican political consultant said:

"It is beyond reckless to characterize the recall as a coup when there is a literal coup underway in the United States."

People who support the recall must collect almost 2 million voter signatures by March 17th to qualify for the statewide special election. If they are successful, it would only be the second successful recall election against a governor in California history.

When Hicks was asked to respond to the criticism during the call, he said he was not here today to question the legality of the recall.

"I think what we are focused on is making clear to signers, endorsers, and founders as to exactly who is leading this effort a number of extremist individuals and groups that have come together and initiated this recall."

Republicans and Democrats were quick to call out the party's rhetoric.

Gary and Shannon spoke with California State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley about this, listen to the entire interview below!

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