Sacramento County DA Slams George Gascon Over His New Policies

Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert says her office will no longer grant Los Angeles County DA George Gascon jurisdiction over crimes involving Sacramento County. Schubert joins a list of District Attorneys that will not put up with Gascon’s policy changes. Victims’ advocates say Gascon’s special directives are too soft on crime.

In a letter sent to Gascon’s office, Schubert stated:

"Your Special Directives are not just extreme but will undoubtedly wreak havoc on crime victims and their Constitutional rights," the letter said. "Your lack of concern for their rights and safety concerns me greatly. Additionally, because crime has no boundaries, these Special Directives will have far greater impact than on Los Angeles County alone. Rather, victims across California will be negatively impacted and the safety of all Californians will be jeopardized."
"…you are hereby notified that, as the Elected District Attorney of Sacramento County, I will never grant you jurisdiction over any crimes that involve Sacramento County while these policies of your remain in place."

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Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert joins Gary and Shannon to discuss the issue.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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