Governor Newsom Asks for Billions in Pandemic Relief for Californians

Governor Gavin Newsom has pledged to bring financial aid to small businesses and Californians affected by COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Newsom unveiled a proposal that would include a $4.5-billion stimulus package that includes grants and tax incentives.

The plan would provide $575 million for small businesses and what his advisors call a “California Jobs Initiative” that would direct more than three quarters of a billion dollars to create new jobs and help existing ones that have been decimated by the pandemic.

Another sizable chunk of the proposal - $1.5 billion dollars - is earmarked for incentives to purchase clean-burning vehicles and the building of new fueling and charging stations up and down the state. The vehicle subsidies would allow eligible Californians - based on income and region - up to $9,500 toward the purchase of a new or used electric vehicle.

In a written statement, Newsom said “These budget proposals reflect our commitment to an equitable, broad-based recovery that ensures California remains the best place to start and grow business.”

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