La Scala Beverly Hills Responds To 'Secret' New Years Invitations

La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills found itself in the middle of controversy this week when an invitation they tucked inside to-go orders became public.

The invitation seemingly eluded to plans for a 'speakeasy' type New Years Dinner at the restaurant, which would violate restrictions imposed by L.A. public health experts. La Scala management has been pretty vocal about their distain for the restaurant closure orders.

The tweet went viral and the restaurant was heavily criticized and received a few cheers for their effort, but when officials in Beverly Hills got wind of it, they moved to stop those plans.

Keith Sterling, a spokesperson for the city said that city officials reached out to management to 'remind' them about the county restrictions.

Well, today, La Scala clarified the issue on their Instagram page.

KFI's Steve Gregory joined Bryan Suits to discuss the La Scala story, how L.A. county might extend its stay-at-home order and whether or not the new strain of Covid is already here in Los Angeles.

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