Santa & Mrs. Claus Accused of Spreading COVID-19 to Children in Georgia

Santa and Mrs. Claus may have brought an early Christmas gift for dozens of children in Georgia!

The only problem -- is the gifts probably weren't on any of their wish lists -- cause it was COVID-19...

The pair tested positive for the coronavirus about five days after they appeared at the Ludowici Christmas Parade in Georgia, where they posed for pictures with approximately 50 children, according to the Long County Board of Commissioners. All 50 children are now being told to stay home from school until after the winter break, says County Chairman Robert D. Parker.

“I’ve known the folks that portray Mr. and Mrs. Claus, my whole life they were doing it when I was a child and I could tell you that they would never intentionally, had they known they were sick, had they felt sick, they would’ve never intentionally put anybody in harm’s way,” Parker added.

Read the full story on CBS News.

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