Woman Arrested for Armed Robbery with Supposed AIDS Infected Needle

A Massachusetts woman made off with an undisclosed amount of cash after threatening a convenience store employee with a hypodermic needle she claimed was infected with AIDS.

Raynham Police say the robber’s license plate was taken down and notice was issued to nearby communities to be on the lookout. Police Chief James Donovan said in a statement “State Police located the vehicle and made a traffic stop in the town of Marion after a brief vehicle pursuit.”

Thirty-four year old Ashley Demers was taken into custody by Raynham Police and charged with armed robbery, vehicle infractions and additional charges stemming from crimes committed in other communities.

Donovan praised the inter-agency efforts to apprehend the suspect saying “This was a terrific example of the level of professionalism, teamwork and communication that exists among municipal police departments and the State Police.”

Demers will likely be arraigned on Tuesday.

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