Siri Sounds Off With New Animal Noises

You say it, she’ll play it.

Apple’s Siri assistant has been programmed to provide you with a whole new set of sounds.

iPhone’s newest update - iOS 14.3 - comes with the ability to offer hundreds of short audio clips on your command.

Simply ask “Hey Siri, what does a (choose an animal, instrument, or vehicle) sound like?” She’s capable of playing hundreds of new sounds from a domestic cat to more exotic audio.

Wanna know what a kookaburra, or a theremin sound like? Just ask.

The audio is remarkably realistic in contrast to traditionally synthesized sounds that offer a cartoonish replication of what you request.

Fun, engaging features like this aren’t new to the Apple assistant. Since its inception, Siri’s been able to crack jokes and even tell stories.

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