Wisconsin Officials Are Asking Residents NOT To Eat Raw Meat Sandwiches...

Ever heard of a 'cannibal sandwich'? Apparently it's a tradition in Wisconsin -- so much so that local health officials are now issuing warnings against it.

Also called a 'tiger meat' sandwich, the cannibal sandwich consists of raw beef garnished with salt, pepper, and raw onions served on rye bread... While that might sound gross to you, it really is a holiday tradition for hundreds of Midwesterners! But unfortunately for them, the Wisconsin Health Department just issued a warning that eating those traditional raw sandwiches can lead to salmonella, e. coli, or other bacteria-related illnesses.

"Many Wisconsin families consider them to be a holiday tradition, but eating them poses a threat for Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, Campylobacter and Listeria bacteria that can make you sick," the department wrote in a Facebook post.
"If cannibal sandwiches are a tradition in your home, try this safe alternative: cook the ground beef with the same spices and toppings, until it reaches 160°F, and serve it on top of bread or crackers," the USDA said. "You may be surprised to find that it tastes better when cooked! Not to mention, you won’t be risking a trip to the hospital with every mouthful."

Check out more details on USA Today.

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