Man Arrested After Being Found Walking on the Wing of Alaska Airlines Plane

A Portland-bound flight from Las Vegas was delayed for several hours on Saturday after a man hopped a perimeter fence at McCarran International Airport to board the flight. Sort of.

Alaska Airlines flight 1367 was on the tarmac preparing for takeoff when the pilot spotted someone approaching the aircraft on foot. Air traffic control was notified while the flight - scheduled for a 12:30pm departure - idly stood by.

The man inexplicably climbed onto the plane’s left wing. In a video shot by a passenger on the flight, the man is seen standing, crawling and laying on the wing. After Las Vegas Metro Police arrived, one officer appeared to have a taser pointed at the stowaway who then attempted to climb the Boeing 737’s winglet, the upturned end of the plane’s wing. As officers closed in, the man slid down the winglet to the tarmac below.

Airport spokesman Joe Rajchel told CNN the man was taken into custody and transported to a medical facility.

Following the incident, the plane returned to the gate for a full inspection. The flight was cleared for takeoff over four hours later than scheduled.

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