#TastyTuesday: Gordon Ramsay is Launching a Line of Hard Seltzers

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is getting in on the hard seltzer craze!

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Ramsay just announced that he is launching his own line of hard seltzers called Hell's Seltzer, an idea that he says was inspired by his Hell's Kitchen restaurants in the United States.

"Yes, even I enjoy a hard seltzer after a long day, so I decided to toss the devil horns into the ring and heat things up!” Ramsay said. “Hell's Kitchen will never freeze over, but a cold Hell's Seltzer is a great start.”

The seltzers will come in four different "unapologetically bold" flavors, and will contain 5.5% ABV. But wait! There's more! The drinks are also gluten-free...

The drinks will be sold in 12-packs with three of each flavor. You can expect to see the new Hell's Seltzers on shelves in early 2021!

Check out more details on DrinkHells.com.

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