Steve Cooley Former D.A. new Book ' Blue Lives in Jeopardy'

Blue Lives In Jeopardy – When The Badge Becomes The Target is the second book of a trilogy co-authored by Robert (Bob) Schirn and myself involving the deaths of law enforcement officers in Los Angeles County. The first book was titled Blue Lives Matter – In the Line of Duty was released in November 2017.

Bob Schirn and I began collaborating in 2014 about writing a book examining the line-of-duty deaths suffered by law enforcement officers. We were career prosecutors familiar with the cases prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office involving those deaths. My experience as a reserve police officer and as a three-term elected District Attorney, and Bob Schirn’s status as a career prosecutor and office historian gave us access to information and documents not available to the general public. We identified over twenty-five cases that would be appropriate for the books.


Photo Credit: Steve Cooley

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