Moms are Boycotting "X-Rated" Santa Cookies at Target

A group of mom's are calling for the boycott of a line of cookies at Target for what they say is an X-rated design.

The cookies in question are sold in a set of three with one cookie designed as Santa's head, another being Santa's belly, and the third being Santa's boots.

Cute and totally innocent, right?

Not according to a group of moms on Facebook who claim the design of Santa's boots looks a little phallic.

As reported by

According to a report by the New York Post, a Tennessee mom named Nicole Miller bought some of the sweets for her kids and shared them to a Facebook group. She told the outlet it wasn't long until other moms in the group spotted something strange about the design. "My friends pointed out Santa’s boots—which I then couldn’t unsee,” Miller said.

Target says that there were no bad intentions with the design and this was the first time they've heard of these complaints.

If you're curious, you can judge for yourself and get the cookies HERE for $3.99.

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