Koala Found in Fake Christmas Tree Surprises Australian Family

When the McCormick family returned to their Aidelaide home this week it wasn't what was found under their Christmas tree that came as a surprise, but rather, what was clinging to it.

Tangled among the lights and plastic leaves of the artificial holiday tree was a living, breathing koala.

Apparently, the mischievous marsupial found his way into the house and tried to make a home for itself near the top of the fake tree. When the McCormicks returned around 6pm, they noticed ornaments scattered around the base of the tree and the family dog sniffing beneath it.

Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue - a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating koalas - initially didn't take the call seriously when asked to remove the adorable, albeit unwelcome, addition to the McCormick's Christmas decor. 

Workers were called to the home where, after a short struggle with the uncooperative koala, they were able to remove the bear and safely return it to its natural habitat.

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